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Stories and Books ~ Apps for the ipad

Promote Empathy and Inspire Creativity Through Storytelling

Engaging your child’s imagination through story telling is a wonderful way of helping them to empathise and understand the feelings of others, whilst also inspiring their creativity. These iPad apps add a whole new digital dimension to the traditional book, offering an interactive and fun learning experience.

Image icon for Peter Pan iPad app AvatarBook PeterPan This iPad app recounts the classic fairy tale of Peter Pan; a story filled with fascinating twists and turns, and now, with the option of adding your child to the story! The Peter Pan app enables children to upload their own photographs of themselves to be used as the face of the main character. This is a fantastic way of personalising an exciting and gripping story, and will help your child to empathise with the events that occur throughout the story.


Image icon for Into the Snow iPad app Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure Into the Snow is a delightfully illustrated interactive story set in a pretty, frosty setting. Children will be immediately taken by the bright and contemporary style of the artwork, and what’s more, the story is made-up of three fun games that prompt the child to interact with the characters and scenery. From drawing pictures in the snow to decorating a snowman; this snowy adventure will truly capture your child’s imagination.


Image icon for Toy Story iPad app Toy Story Read-Along The Toy Story films have understandably garnered millions of fans, adult and child alike, and this Readalong iPad app offers your child the chance to relive all the excitement of the films whilst brushing-up on their reading skills. Your child must help the toys in their voyage back to the safety of Andy’s bedroom, with plenty of wonderful interactive games and videos to enjoy along the way. This Toy Story app concentrates on a wonderful tale of friendship that your child will immediately a feel part of.


Image icon for Story Maker iPad app Story Maker HD If your child is raring to create their own unique characters to be included in their favourite stories, then the Story Maker app provides the perfect tool for setting their ideas free. This app includes 100s of special items for character creation, with a range of interesting and diverse scenes for your little one to base their story. Once the characters have been carefully created, they will be incorporated into an animation based on one of several classic stories (such as 3 Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood), helping your child to really feel involved in the story telling process.


Image of toddler girl playing with iPad on Trabasack Lap Desk bag

The Trabasack Connect Curve lap desk provides a flat and steady surface for iPad play

If your little digital bookworm is looking for a steady and equally modern lectern for their iPad, the Trabasack range of lightweight iPad lap desk bags provide a safe and secure surface for story time, with the iPad mount aid ensuring tablet computers remain in place whilst in use. Ideal for use indoors or on the go, the black PVC leather-look tray can be easily wiped clean, and the bag is both shower proof and machine washable, for extra cleanliness and peace of mind.

These wonderful storytelling apps were recently featured at the TES resources show by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs.

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