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Travel tray for kids

Travels with Trabasack – a great travel tray for kids

At this time of year it is a good idea to take a travel tray for kids with you when going out and about. If you are planning days out with your children take your trabasack with you. Trabasack is very useful on trips out and holidays, as this blog from Kim shows. Trabasack fan Kim has started a blog about accessible places to go with her sons. Places where she can use her sons buggy easily.

In her latest blog post we were thrilled to see trabasack being used by her son to touch and enjoy animals at a zoo.

“Finding a dry place to eat was at bit hard. I’m not sure if there was an indoor picnic area. We didn’t find one and there wasn’t signs that I could see. We opted to eat under the covered bit outside the toilet block by the play park and eating area. Good job I carry a camping stool and Dude owns a Trabasack which he was able to eat his lunch off. It also came in handy with balancing his animal feed whilst he fed the animals and again when he got the opportunity to hold a snake in the Butterfly House.

Getting around inside the Butterfly House was pretty easy. The staff were great too. Dude collared one when we were looking at the bugs and snakes and asked a million and one questions. He then brought a snake out for Dude to hold which I thought was very kind.”

A great testimonial from a Trabasack customer

A little boy holds a snake at a zoo using his trabasack travel tray on his special needs buggy

Handling a snake on a Trabasack travel tray!

So courtesy of one of our customers who blogs we have access to some wonderful photos of her son using his Trabasack whilst visiting Sheffield’s Tropical Butterfly House. As the photos show, Trabasack is being used in a new way we couldn’t have imagined (a tray table for a snake?!) and it’s easy to see exactly how handy the play tray has been for their family. In fact, she has even said that the Trabasack is ‘the best invention ever’. We are so glad that as a travel tray for kids it is so useful.


Travelling with a Trabasack Tray

There are no limits with your Trabasack when it comes to travelling and it provides a great storage space. It’s great for those tricky situations where you need to find somewhere to eat but may be having difficulties with access. You can simply enjoy your lunch or snack whilst your child uses the Trabasack as a handy picnic table. When not using the Trabasack you can simply hang it on the back of your child’s chair or carry it on your own back as a rucksack or over your shoulder as a handy messenger bag, its completely up to you.

Public Transport is no trouble with Trabasack

A little boy looks into an animal cage at the zoo. He uses his trabasack travel tray to rest his hands on

Useful to have a kids travel tray at the zoo!

If you’re using trains and buses you need not worry about Trabasack coming loose or falling off when going up and down ramps as it’s securely attached to the chair by secure straps hooked through its D-rings and there is next to no chance of it falling anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Trabasack is the best travel tray for kids on the market. There are no other trays that function as a bag and play tray that are as robust as trabasack. Fill up your Trabasack with all your treats and snacks and get down to your nearest park or zoo for a fantastic summer picnic!


While you are there please send us in a pictures of you or your child using a trabasack. Each pic wins a T shirt! We would love to have more picture of trabasack being used as a travel tray for kids, so please send them in.