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Snuggin Go Too – the versatile support for your child.

Snuggin Go Too – the versatile support for your child.

The Snuggin Go Too in Action

If you have a child who suffers from health conditions or a disability which means they have difficulty holding their head up, Snuggin Go Too is the answer. Our friend and online retailer DisabledGear.com has decided to import this product after demand from parents on a Special Needs Equipment Swap Group on Facebook.

The Snuggin Go Too, a new product for the UK market, is an extremely supportive infant positioner. As the picture shows, the Snuggin Go Too is designed to support your child’s head in position to stop them from slumping forward, which can be extremely dangerous for disabled children. Trabasack creator’s Duncan and Clare Edwards have a son with Dravet Syndrome, and this ‘slumping’ often caused thier son to have seizures.

With the Snuggin Go Too your child’s head is supported fully which allows for improved posture, comfort, safety and of course, breathing.

It may look like a simple design but in fact the Snuggin Go Too is very intricately designed to support your individual child. Its memory foam neck and shoulder support system glides in a way which allows customisation to your child’s height and it also gently pushes the chest area forward which allows the head to sit neutrally in any chosen seating product including high chairs and car seats. The Snuggin Go Too is also the only infant positioning support which comes with an optional leg rest which can be beneficial in stopping your child from slouching or slipping down their seat.

Before and After shots show exactly how much benefit the Snuggin Go Too provides

The Snuggin Go Too is fully adjustable for children from 12 months up to 5 years which means it can be great for older children with additional needs. It is especially beneficial for children with a range of different health problems and conditions. If your child has airway difficulties, this support is essential as it works to keep your child’s airway in the neutral position. It is also supports children with scoliosis as it can help improve the position of the spine which in turn can help to minimise the respiratory problems that come from extreme spinal curvature. Further lumbar support can be added for those who also have lower spine curvature.

The Snuggin Go Too is also a great option for children who favour holding their head to one particular side (torticollis). The head support keeps the head cradles securely which helps maintain its shape and reduces risk of flat spots (plagiocephaly). It can also be used for children who wear reshaping helmets or who have conditions such as hydrocephalus to support their head position when they’re using seating products.

The Snuggin Go Too is a great way of involving your child in all family meal and fun times. You can use it in the high chair so you can comfortably and securely enjoy meals together and retro-fit strollers are available for children who are wheelchair dependent.

The item is extremely user friendly and can make a big difference to your child’s daily life. It is available in two colours from DisabledGear.com , Snuggin Go Too infant head support will really help the comfort of your child.

This video shows how easy your Snuggin Go Too is to clean and reassemble: