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Sensory Play at Naidex National 2014

The Five Senses

It’s commonly known that we as humans have five main senses: hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell. Sensory play allows your children to explore those senses and use them as a learning tool, teaching them skills they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Why we need Sensory Play

Homemade play dough for sensory play

Homemade play dough – ideal for sensory play. For a play dough recipe click the image

Having been proved through research to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathway, sensory play can tune your child’s fine motor skills. Picking small objects up or pouring water teaches your child to focus his or her mind on the intricate task at hand, essentially giving the brain “practice” at coping with situations which require a high level of concentration. By repeating sensory play activities, you teach the brain to remember sequences and routines, thus improving your child’s memory.

Another benefit of sensory play is that it can help develop language skills in children. Often used as a tool in helping children who have language or communication difficulties, sensory play teaches them to be descriptive in what they say; the child learns to say that something is too hot, or that it is too salty, instead of simply expressing displeasure without the means to explain. Adults and children learn best when they engage their senses, and it is impossible to teach a child to speak in descriptive terms without allowing them to experience what “bumpy” or “soft” means for themselves.

Getting bored and restless is natural in children, and can be particularly problematic in those with additional behavioural needs. By engaging the mind in sensory play you are eliminating restlessness and replacing it with a calm, controlled activity. A huge benefit in sensory play is that it suits every child’s mind, whether they academically excel or not. There is no failing at sensory play; this can be a huge boost to a child’s self-esteem.

Early Years Sensory Play Sessions at Naidex

The RNIB Pear’s Centre for Specialist Learning will be featured at Naidex National 2014, presenting Parent and Early Years Sensory sessions at stand E114. These sensory play sessions are aimed at children aged 0 to 5 who have a disability, or social and emotional needs, and will include games with light, interactive signing and sound and tactile materials, all prepared by a Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

Trabasack for Sensory Play

Trabasack Curve and Media Mount holding a sensory toy

The Trabasack team are pleased to say we’ll also be at Naidex. Our multifunctional bag and lap trays are suitable for adults and children and are great for sensory play. The Trabasack’s secure and comfortable lap tray is the ideal surface for sensory play involving small or textured items, and will be featured just a few spaces down at stand E102. We’ve discussed many of our sensory play ideas before and noted how you could include your Trabasack in play.

Naidex National 2014 is running from 29th April – 1st May 2014 at Birmingham’s NEC.

Trabasack and Sensory Play Video