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Homemade Mirror Cube Sensory Toy

The Original Softie Mirror Exploratory

The Original Softie Mirror Exploratory

Make Your Own Mirror Cube Sensory Play Area

Homemade toys are amongst the best for your kids as they give you the chance to bring together everything they love best. More than that – they’re affordable.

This post is a quick tutorial of how to make your own version of the Softie Mirror Exploratory style toy, great for a wide range of sensory experiences. The original toy retails at around £69.99 but with this tutorial you should be able to make it for less than £30, and you can make yours much bigger too!

We found this innovative idea on the Facebook Group: Special Needs Equipment ~ Buy Sell Swap and we thought it was too good not to share. Mirrors are an important tool for helping your child’s cognitive development, recognising themselves and understanding angles and reflections, as well as being great fun!

What you need

To make this toy you’ll need:

Putting the fun toy together is quite straightforward and you can be sure the kids will love it.

Building your Sensory Mirror Toy

There are three key steps to creating your sensory mirror toy:

  1. Glue all the puzzle/floor mat pieces together to create an open-faced box shape
  2. Add a frame to the edges by gluing the thin pieces of wood – to reinforce the toy’s structure
  3. Glue each mirror to the inside of the box covering the foam base and sides

The finished result should look something like this:

Homemade Mirror Toy

Homemade Mirror Toy

Of course you can add other things in too – if you choose to make a larger toy you could use more floor mat pieces, more mirrors and make a huge version for lying down in – creating an even more enjoyable sensory experience.

Ways to Play

There are many ways you and your child can enjoy this exploratory toy. It’s a great place for them to lie gently down on a pillow and look into the mirrors. It’s also great for imaginative play as you pop a toy or two into the window area of the toy and your children play with both the toy and its reflection. The mirrors internal surfaces will all reflect back and so even fairy lights and flashing toys would be great fun.

Once you’ve had a go at this toy you’ll probably be inspired to try others and we’ve shown off some other homemade toy ideas before.