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How to secure a DVD player to your child’s play tray

Securing a DVD player to a child’s tray

Trabasack fan Evan McMillan loves to watch the F1!

If you are looking for a DVD player tray read on!

If you have a child with additional needs or mobility problems, then there occasions where you may wish for them to have a some time enjoying a DVD or computer game by themselves. Maybe on a long journey in the car or just when you have temporarily run out of games to play and things to do! Most children enjoy watching their favourite programmes and films many times over but adults do not always enjoy the repetition quite as much!

To solve this problem many parents have now bought portable DVD players or use netbooks, Ipads or laptops for their children. So that when the child wants to put on a DVD or pre-loaded film and have some relaxation time, they can enjoy it without the rest of the family joining in. If your child has a trabasack, then they have their own private cinema space right in front of them.

Portable DVD players are great as they mean you can put on whatever film or game your child wants, plug in their earphones and they can really enjoy all the sensory sound effects. It can be difficult to use a DVD player if your child has mobility issues and is a wheelchair user as you need an accessible level surface. Your child would need to stay in one position or use a fixed tray that are often heavy or difficult to get on and off.


As the screen of portable DVD players are quite small, they need to be viewed close up. Without a tray or accessible table surface it can be very difficult to watch one balanced on your knee! Potential problems with this are that they can overheat and malfunction or even burn your child’s legs. There is also a real danger of the expensive and delicate DVD or tablet being dropped!

Using a Trabasack as a DVD player tray


This is where Trabasack comes in. A Trabasack is a brilliant lap tray that can be easily attached to any buggy or wheelchair and can be used for playtime, snack time and also movie time! Once you have your Trabasack, securing your child’s DVD player in place is very simple.

How to simply secure the DVD player to your Trabasack

With a Trabasack Curve equipped with the ‘Connect’ surface you can easily attach the DVD player with no trouble at all, just follow these simple steps:

Trabasack is being used for a gaming console. Attached with side straps at the armrests.

  1. Attach your Trabasack Connect Curve to your child’s wheelchair, either with ‘side straps’ supplied or by putting the long strap around your child’s waist or the back of the chair.
  2. Place the rough velcro or hook tape on the bottom of your portable DVD player
  3. Place your portable DVD player in position on the tray so your child can see what they need to see clearly and comfortably
  4. Press Play!

As you can see it is a very simple process but garners great results! With the DVD player secured in place you needn’t worry about it getting damaged or falling off and your child can continue to watch their films happily without having to strain or stretch! Many children with special needs have to take long taxi journeys to school and there is no reason why they cannot use a DVD player or laptop during these trips too.

Trabasack is a truly brilliant invention for furthering the happiness of children in buggies and wheelchairs and allows them more independence and enjoyable playing time.