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Festive Christmas Apps for Kids

Festive Christmas Apps for Kids

Sleeps to Christmas Apple App

As December is upon us, it’s time to look towards Christmas and Flo Longhorn, a multi sensory education expert has collected together some of the best festive iPad apps around. Here we’re having a close look at the some of the list.

Sleeps to Christmas  -A fab and fun Christmas countdown! Every second to Christmas day is catered for and it’s animated with great cartoons and music. As Flo says, it’s great for maths and great fun, although overexcited children are a definite side effect.

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas – this is a hugely anticipated and interactive pop up Christmas book, viewable from the comfort of your iPad. Check out the video at the below to see how great this app truly is.

Xmas Top 100 Hits – enjoy some celebratory Christmas tunes. Great for every family member as you can enjoy and reminisce over the classic Christmas tracks.

Jingle Bells!  – great fun and interactive, with Jingle Bells you tap Christmas bells in time with the tunes and have plenty of fun doing so.

Christmas Match – various interactive matching games, made more fun because of their Christmas theme. A great way to get kids excited for Christmas.

These are just some of the great apps that Flo’s come across and the best thing is the majority are free. You can enjoy these apps via the Apple App Store and there’s bound to be one which suits your family. Many of these apps appeal to different senses and can be enjoyed by those with different needs and abilities, just have a browse through. They’re great for both using at home and in the classroom. Below is a video showing the fantastic Popout! The Night Before Christmas

We’ve since had a look ourselves at what’s on offer for kids over Christmas. A very good place to look for apps is the Facebook page of Ian Bean, a communication and special education expert known as SENICT. We have found some more fantastic festive apps we thought we’d share. Take a look at these four exciting offerings.

There Is A Star – this app features a fun, festive animated video perfect for entertaining kids at Christmastime. The cute little characters are both entertaining and easy for children to engage with. The funny animated element of this app makes it great for toddlers and older children too. Christmas Carols for Kids – who doesn’t love a god sing a long? We know must children do especially at Christmas and these fun sing a long carols can create hours of fun. Affordable, family friendly and even educational, this app ticks all the boxes. The festive themed tunes are great for getting into the festive spirit too.

Dancing Max Hippo

Dancing Max Hippo

A Big Fat Xmas : Max Hippo HD – BANG BANG– meet Max Hippo, the most festive hippopotamus around! Max is your interactive 3D pal who is disco dancing his way to a Happy New Year. This app is a lot of fun and is bound to have your kids in peals of laughter as they watch max strutting his stuff and enjoying the festive tunes included in the app. Nighty Night!  – this fun storybook app won Best App of the Year 2011 in the books category in both America and Germany so it must be good. It’s an interactive wintery tale which children can really engage with and it includes an integrated go-to-sleep routine to help kids settle down for the night. Below is a video showing how wonderful and magical Nighty Night! is and how it’s perfect for reading on Christmas Eve in preparation for the big day itself:

Don’t forget the Trabasack for your child’s tablet or iPad

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Odds and Ends iPad Apps

This is the final post in our series about the fantastic and useful sensory and AAC apps that were collated and showcased by Ian Bean at the 2012 TES Resources show in Manchester, UK.

These last few apps are classified as “Odds and Ends” as they don’t fit into a particular category, but are definitely useful tools that are worth a mention.

Image icon for Smarty Pants iPad App Inclusive Smarty Pants The Smarty Pants app allows children to chose from four characters, which can then be animated to express a series of emotions, to help promote understanding of feelings and encourage imitation. The graphic style is simple yet bold and bright, and this iPad app also supports switch access.



Image icon for Dragon Dictation iPad App Dragon Dictation is a simple and easy to use voice-to-text iPad app, that utilises voice recognition to allow you or your child to easily dictate anything from emails or text messages to social media posts, such as Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates. This app will instantly display the spoken words in text form, and provides a fantastic communication tool.



Image icon for Dropbox iPad App Dropbox is an effective file and media organisation tool that uploads any files you save to your Dropbox to your iPhone, iPad and also to your online Dropbox account. This ensures your child’s favourite images, songs, videos or any important documents are always at hand, even without carrying any form of mobile storage (such as a memory stick), as long as you can connect to the internet, you can access your files.



Boy in wheelchair uses iPad to play sensory game app

The Trabasack lap desk bag can also be used with an iPad mount aid to ensure tablet computers remain steady whilst in use

We hope that you have enjoyed our compendium of sensory iPad app posts, and that they provide your child with fun and useful tools for self-expression, creativity and learning. The Trabasack range of lap tray bags also provide the perfect steady surface for iPad app use, with each bag featuring a built-in lap desk and beanbag cushion which allows children in wheelchairs to safely and comfortably engage in iPad play.

The Trabasack Connect Curve also features a soft, padded ergonomic shape that sits snug around your child’s waist whilst used as a lap desk, and ensures arms and small objects do not get caught underneath. The specially designed “Connect” tray surface can also be used with Velcro to attach switches and iPads securely, minimising unwanted movement.

Each Trabasack iPad bag also comes with a selection of straps and multi D rings attached, meaning the lap desk can be installed on wheelchairs, buggies, car seats and more with speed and ease. Pictured here with our stabilising low -cost  Media Mount accessory for holding toys or ipads securely on the tray surface.


Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs.

Touch Skills Ipad Apps

Boost Hand-Eye Coordination with Touch Skill Apps

Child playing with the Draw With Stars! iPad interractive app

The ‘Draw with Stars!’ interactive iPad app offers a sensory art experience

We have taken time to have a look at a collection of iPad apps on offer, that allow children to practice and hone their touch skills; which in turn helps to improve a child’s all important hand-eye coordination, whilst at the same time keeping them entertained with fun and interactive virtual displays of wondrous colours and visual textures.

The iPad is now an essential hands-on educational tool for children of all ages and abilities, and when teamed with the fantastic Trabasack sensory play tray, your child will be provided with a perfectly practical (and fun!) iPad experience.

thumbnail logo for the Ooze iPad app Ooze Ooze is a physics-based app that provides children with an interactive projection of swirling and psychedelic “goo” in striking neon, fluorescent colours. Altering the position of the iPad, as well as using on-screen gestures with the hands, will cause the goo to transform in shape, and shift through a spectrum of bright rainbow colours.  Brilliant fluorescent colours app for the ipad.



thumbnail logo for the Reacticles Magic iPad app Reactickles Magic Reactickles is a suite of apps specifically designed with children and adults on the autistic spectrum in mind. Extensive research involving children with learning difficulties has resulted in Cariad Interactive creating a range of playful and dynamic applications that use audio input, touch and gesture to encourage not only the importance of cause and effect, but also to provide a relaxing learning experience.


thumbnail logo for the Draw with Stars! iPad app Draw with Stars! This art-based app takes inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” masterpiece, and allows your child to create pictures using cascades of colourful star shapes whilst benefiting from a soundtrack of engaging chimes and whooshes.




thumbnail logo for the Hidden Grid iPad app Hidden Grid Hidden Grid is a colourful app that encourages the use of touch, drag and drop abilities. Moving your fingers around the screen will uncover hidden shapes and patterns in a variety of entrancing colours, with a variety of different pitched sounds.




thumbnail logo for the Peeping Muscians iPad app Peeping Musicians This funky and fun music-based app features contemporary illustrations that will really appeal to children from preschool and beyond, and has been designed to fortify basic observation skills, as well as touch targeting.




This page was created from information provided by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs. Please visit his website for much more information and training opportunities.