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Touch Skills Ipad Apps

Boost Hand-Eye Coordination with Touch Skill Apps

Child playing with the Draw With Stars! iPad interractive app

The ‘Draw with Stars!’ interactive iPad app offers a sensory art experience

We have taken time to have a look at a collection of iPad apps on offer, that allow children to practice and hone their touch skills; which in turn helps to improve a child’s all important hand-eye coordination, whilst at the same time keeping them entertained with fun and interactive virtual displays of wondrous colours and visual textures.

The iPad is now an essential hands-on educational tool for children of all ages and abilities, and when teamed with the fantastic Trabasack sensory play tray, your child will be provided with a perfectly practical (and fun!) iPad experience.

thumbnail logo for the Ooze iPad app Ooze Ooze is a physics-based app that provides children with an interactive projection of swirling and psychedelic “goo” in striking neon, fluorescent colours. Altering the position of the iPad, as well as using on-screen gestures with the hands, will cause the goo to transform in shape, and shift through a spectrum of bright rainbow colours.  Brilliant fluorescent colours app for the ipad.



thumbnail logo for the Reacticles Magic iPad app Reactickles Magic Reactickles is a suite of apps specifically designed with children and adults on the autistic spectrum in mind. Extensive research involving children with learning difficulties has resulted in Cariad Interactive creating a range of playful and dynamic applications that use audio input, touch and gesture to encourage not only the importance of cause and effect, but also to provide a relaxing learning experience.


thumbnail logo for the Draw with Stars! iPad app Draw with Stars! This art-based app takes inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” masterpiece, and allows your child to create pictures using cascades of colourful star shapes whilst benefiting from a soundtrack of engaging chimes and whooshes.




thumbnail logo for the Hidden Grid iPad app Hidden Grid Hidden Grid is a colourful app that encourages the use of touch, drag and drop abilities. Moving your fingers around the screen will uncover hidden shapes and patterns in a variety of entrancing colours, with a variety of different pitched sounds.




thumbnail logo for the Peeping Muscians iPad app Peeping Musicians This funky and fun music-based app features contemporary illustrations that will really appeal to children from preschool and beyond, and has been designed to fortify basic observation skills, as well as touch targeting.




This page was created from information provided by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs. Please visit his website for much more information and training opportunities.