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iPads are helping children with special educational needs in school

iPads are helping children with special educational needs in school

New research has shown that iPads and their apps have been significantly encouraging and supporting children with special educational needs in the classroom. Many children have had their lives revolutionised in just a few weeks of working with iPads in therapeutic settings and research from the States is slowly filtering over to us in the UK.

There are hundreds of apps designed for children and also for children with additional needs but therapists have found most children react to a particular set of apps. Below we’re looking at some of these apps in closer detail:

Preschool Adventure

An interactive educational app with eighteen different activities to choose from. From Sea Beat exploring rhythm and percussion to Ocean Colours which helps your child learn basic colours. This app is fantastic for some very basic and accessible learning.



Starfall ABC

Help your child master the alphabet at their own pace with this interactive alphabet app. From spelling out their name to learning things a letter a time, this app allows for learning at whatever pace suits the child in question best.





Sound Touch

A fantastic touch activated sound based app that contains over 360 different sounds of animals, vehicles and every day noises. Help your child to get used to different sounds and learnt to recognise certain sounds and associate them with the correct meaning. Each sound is matched with a corresponding picture and is activated by simple touch rather than swiping or more difficult touchscreen movements.


Nursery Rhymes Tap

Nursery Rhymes Tap is a fun and exciting interactive musical app, designed to help and refine fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also introduces new musical concepts to any child with repetitive musical nursery rhymes. The emphasis is on fun as opposed to strict learning and this like all the apps mentioned, can be taken at the child’s own pace.





An interactive and sensory explosion. This app allows you to create your own explosive fireworks and make lots of fun patterns. Fantastic way of mimicking a sensory room experience at home in miniature or in the classroom on a small scale.




And our son with a great fun app called ‘Draw with Stars‘ suggested by Ian Bean, Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer

The growth of the iPad and other tablet devices is allowing for special education to be fun and more accessible for children. This growth in affordable and accessible apps is helping children to develop beyond their parents and teachers expectations and all with the help of modern, assistive technology.