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Photo, Video and Animation iPad Apps

Lights! Camera! Action! Video and Art Editing Apps to Encourage Self-Expression.

Due to such fantastic advancements in technology over the past decade, children can utilise media such as video and photography with relative ease, and this collection of quirky art apps will help promote your child’s eye for creativity and nurture their desire for self-expression. Apps and other activities that can encourage children to be creative and express themselves are essential for children with special educational needs or disabilities as they can often experience difficulty expressing their feelings or needs.

This is the third post in our series about apps recommended by ICT special education maestro Ian Bean. Previously we looked at apps to encourage touch skills and apps for making music.

Image icon for the I Look Funny iPad app iLookFunny This photographic iPod app will provide endless fun and laughter, as I Look Funny overlays unusual accessories over the top of a normal snapshot – add funky sunglasses to the family pet, a silly wig and hat to dad or let your child transform themselves into everything from a bunny to a clown; I Look Funny is a fun way to play virtual dress-up.



jpeg-3 Face Time with Mage Nuttimugs is a fun and interactive iPad app that places your child at the heart of the story! This simple, rhyme-filled interactive book takes a photo of your child’s face and places it on the head of the lead character – and using touch-screen technology, their photo is altered throughout the story to present them with happy, silly and sad faces. There’s also a lovely moral to the story, in that you are perfect just the way you are.



Image icon for the I Look Funny iPad app Toontastic If your child is particularly taken by cartoons and the art of comic books, then Toontastic is the perfect iPad tool for helping them to create their very own comic-book style art and cartoon animations. This multi-award winning app includes a vast cast of characters (as well as a “draw your own character” feature) and a selection fantastical settings, giving your child an easy and exciting introduction to independent story telling.


Image icon for the iMovie iPad App iMovie has become a highly acclaimed industry standard video editor due to its simplicity and straight forward usability, and in turn lends itself perfectly for use by young children. Create short films or movies with just a few multi-touch gestures, and soundtrack each masterpiece with your child’s favourite MP3 or voice over.

Child in wheelchair uses the Trabasack iPad mount aid

The Trabasack iPad mount aid keeps iPads safe and steady



There’s no doubt that these exciting and creative apps will bring out the artist in your child, and as every artist needs an easel, the Trabasack range of iPad lap desks provide a stable and sturdy play tray with a specially designed iPad mount aid for wheelchair users; the lap desk bags attach to the wheelchair with ease, and the ergonomic shape of the Connect Curve fits snugly around the child’s waist, ensuring comfort whilst in use.

These iPad apps were recently featured at the Manchester TES Resources Show 2012 by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs.

Making Music iPad Apps

Creativity Comes Forth with Musical Sensory iPad Apps

After your child has explored the apps that encourage touch skills, musical ipad apps are a smooth progression. Little ones love to make music; whether it’s a keyboard concerto or simply a percussive performance using your pots and pans, these fantastic iPad apps provide the perfect sensory stimuli whilst allowing your child to sharpen their skills as a mini maestro!
image icon for the Glow Tunes iPad app GlowTunes This unique app combines art and music, by allowing your child to draw a picture using brightly coloured pixels, which is then transformed into an extraordinary tune, using 1 of the 12 high quality instruments on offer. The compositions can then be save and shared amongst friends and family to enjoy.



image icon for the Virtuoso iPad app Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic This musical app is modern take on the traditional piano, offering 7 octaves of sampled concert piano and a choice of effects, offering a truly authentic piano sound. The Virtuoso also features an adjustable keyboard size, perfect for little or large fingers alike.




image icon for the Songify iPad app Songify Songify is a rather novel yet endlessly entertaining way of producing unique musical tracks; this iPod app records sections of speech and via autotune, and then transforms the recorded words into a bespoke song. There’s many different styles of song included with the basic Songify app, with plenty of others available at an extra cost, so no matter what sort of rhythm rocks the boat of your child, there’s a song style to suit.



Icon image for Garage Band iPad app GarageBand – Apple If your child is looking to create a full-on and layered musical masterpiece, then Garage Band is the perfect iPad app. The simplicity of on-screen gestures can be used to create magnificent instrumental audio that might be difficult via an ordinary instrument, and the multi-touch keyboard makes tapping out drum beats or melodies as easy as can be. This app can also be used via WiFi or Bluetooth with up to 3 other mobile devices (such as iPad, iPod or iPhone) which is perfect for group musical sessions.


Child in wheelchair uses Trabasack lap tray to play with iPad

The Trabasack Curve Connect provides the perfect iPad play space for children in wheelchairs

iPads are a fantastic way for providing your child with a creative outlet, and the Trabasack range of sensory iPad tray bags are the perfect addition to your child’s playtime – each iPad bag features a built-in lap tray with ‘connect’ surface, which allows you to attach electronic devices such as iPads with ease – offering safety and security whilst in use. The Trabasack iPad lap tray bags also fit comfortably on wheelchairs and buggies, providing the ultimate practical play-space on the go.

This creative collection of iPad apps were showcased at the TES Resources show in Manchester by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs.