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Using Hook Tape with your Trabasack

Using Hook Tape with your Trabasack

A pack of four 30cms hook tapes

Trabasack Hook tapes, 120cms of tape, excellent value.

There are many great uses for your Trabasack and when you’re using it for sensory play or as an entertainment mount for your child’s toys and consoles, you must make use of the fantastic hook tapes which you can buy from the Trabasack website.

If you are the owner of a Trabasack with Connect surface, you’ll already be aware that the soft tray top means you can easily secure devices to it without having to worry about them sliding off. The easiest and safest way of connecting toys and devices to your Trabasack is with Trabasack’s own hook tape.

Why use hook tapes?

Hook tape is basically like Velcro and comes with stick on backing. You get 120cms of self adhesive backed tape, in four handy 30cms lengths. With hook tapes you can secure any device to your Trabasack Connect surface and it’ll remain safe. If your child is a film fan, you can safely secure their DVD player, if you’ve put together a fantastic sensory play scenario, again, you can use hook tapes to ensure all elements stay safe and in place.

Travelling securely with your Trabasack using Hook Tapes

Hook tape is like rough velcro tape

Sensory toys attached with rough velcro tape

Hook tape is great for when you’re out and about because you can secure whatever entertainment device your child wants to play with safely to the tray top and it’ll remain safe as you go over lumps and bumps and even remains in place if you go up and down ramps on and off buses and trains.

The hook tapes can also be great if your child uses their Trabasack in school. Where portable computers, switches and communication aids are used they can easily be stuck into place and used easily throughout the school day and simply removed at the end of it.

The great thing about the Trabasack Connect is its versatility and this versatility is improved tenfold if you make use of fantastic hook tapes whether you’re playing, relaxing or learning.

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