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HappyPee – a user-friendly potty training and travel aid

HappyPee – the friendly potty training and travel aid

HappyPee is ergonically designed with kids in mind

We like to help and support other retailers with the same aims and values as ourselves. Disabledgear.com is a social enterprise that helps people resell and recycle expensive disability equipment to those who need it.

Guy also imports new products that people cannot get find elsewhere. HappyPee is one such product requested on a facebook forum for Special Needs Equipment. HappyPee is a unisex portable potty training aid. This portable urinal is a great invention for when your child is first learning how to control their bladder and understand how toileting works.

HappyPee is designed to be funny and entertaining to help aid the potty training process and to support your child in their potty training adventure. The funny cartoon design is included to help children enjoy the learning experience involved in toilet training, rather than feeling anxious or scared about the experience. It is a huge milestone in their development and whatever age they are, it’s important to keep pressure and stress away from the situation. It’s a great tool for supporting your child with additional needs if they’re caught short or in a situation where it isn’t suitable to use the regular toilet.

The other great thing about HappyPee is that it’s portable, meaning you can keep one in your car to avoid little accidents in case of emergencies. When your children are young it can be unsettling and stressful to use public toilets, which can also be unsanitary, therefore a HappyPee can be a great way of keeping the stress levels down. Its concertina design means it can be folded down for easy storage and another plus point is that your child can use their HappyPee in the car which also protects their privacy.

HappyPee's fun factor making potty training less pressurised

The HappyPee Portable Urinal may look like a males-only product but this isn’t the case. It was ergonomically designed with girls in mind too so all children should be able to use it with ease. So if you have ever had the stressful experience of the kids being ‘caught short’ stuck on the motorway, then you will know what we mean! To purchase, just pop over to buy a Happypee portable urinal at DisabledGear.com and place your order. You will also be helping to support the DisabledGear.com free listings for 2nd hand disability equipment, a great social enterprise that reuses and recycles.

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