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Cognition iPad Apps

Shape, Word and Number Recognition iPad Apps for Children

Here we have a fantastic collection of innovative iPad apps that will help your child to further their understanding of speech and word recognition, whilst at the same time developing their fine motor skills and ultimately, having fun! Each app is an interactive mix of games and puzzles, perfect for keeping little minds busy and happy.

Image icon for Five Sharks Swimming iPad App Five Sharks Swimming is a classic nursery rhyme transformed into a fun, interactive story that promotes numeric comprehension, attention and participation. This simple to use, brightly illustrated app also supports switch access.



Image icon for Splingo iPad app Splingo’s Language Universe This educational app has been specially designed by Speech and Language therapists to promote listening and language skills. Splingo is a language-loving alien whose simple-to-understand directions will guide your child through a wondrous world of word puzzles and more. With several language development levels on offer, this app offers your child games and puzzles tailored to their ability; learning and understanding verbs, nouns and adjectives has never been so much fun!


Image icon for Alien Buddies iPad App Alien Buddies combines simple recognition puzzles with an out-of-this-world alien theme guaranteed to delight and engage. The “Match” feature of this fun app aids children with shape, colour, letter and number recognition by both sight and sound, whilst the “Puzzle” and “Dot to Dot” sections encourage problem solving, sequential counting and fine motor skills. A lovely addition to this app is the “Sticker” section; as children successfully complete tasks, they are rewarded with special interactive stickers that can be used to create unusual and exciting alien artworks.


Image icon for Hairy Letters iPad app Hairy Letters is a lively interactive app for promoting understanding of letter shapes and sounds. Using the iPad touch screen, children can trace letters using their fingers and each letter is accompanied by a fun animation and audio phonics, including upper and lower class letter names and sounds.



Young boy in wheelchair plays games on an iPad

The built-in lap desk of the Trabasack along with its soft, ergonomic shape provides a perfect space for iPad play

These iPad cognition apps are the perfect way to keep your little one entertained and occupied, and when teamed with a Trabasack iPad bag your child has the freedom to learn no matter what the location. Each Trabasack bag has a built-in lap desk, and the Curve Connect model also features an ergonomically designed curved shape to fit snugly around the waist and a soft tray area – where tablet computers, toys, books and more can be secured easily using hooktape. The Trabasack iPad bag offers the ultimate in usability, with large ring pull zips and grab handles for those with limited dexterity, and multi D rings and strap options for fitting the lap tray to all models of wheelchair, buggy and car seat.

We have a new accessory called the Media Mount that helps to keep the iPad and any other switches or tablets in place with velcro. A very low cost alternative to expensive clamps and other mounting systems at under £20!

The iPad apps featured in this blog post were demonstrated at the TES Resources Show by Ian Bean, former teacher and ICT coordinator at Priory Woods School, Inclusive Technology’s Consultancy and Training Manager now Independent Special Needs ICT consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support learners of all ages with severe and complex additional needs.

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