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Charity Events Calendar: Netbuddy Launches 2013 Special Needs Awareness Calendar

Charity Events Calendar and Special Days in 2013

Netbuddy Launches 2013 Special Needs Awareness Calendar

Netbuddy Logo

Netbuddy Logo

Marking the events which matter to you or your child is important and many of the illnesses and disabilities out there are marked by an awareness week or day. These events are designed to make more people aware of a certain condition as well as drumming up much needed funding for research and supporting people with these conditions. Netbuddy has put together an exclusive charity events calendar for 2013 naming it the Special Needs Awareness Calendar Download it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. through which you can find out the dates relating to any condition which might be close to your heart or you’re interested in fundraising for.

Autism Sunday Logo

Autism Sunday Logo

In February we can look out for:

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (7th-14th February)
Autism Sunday (10th February)
National Eating Disorder Week (11th – 17th February)
International Asperger’s Day (18th February)
Rare Diseases Day (28th February)

This is just one month and many of these events may be relevant to you and you can see this and more via Netbuddy’s fantastic calendar.

Who is Netbuddy?


Netbuddy is a fantastic resource for parents, carers, educators and any other professionals involved with people living with learning disabilities and autism. It brings together hundreds of resources from like-minded individuals who have experiences of both. In their own words “Netbuddy is all about pooling the vast expertise of parents, carers and learning disability professionals. It’s a place for sharing advice and ideas. A place for overcoming problems and celebrating successes within a community that understands.”

We are pleased that trabasack has also been suggested on the forum, and was also reviewed by their guest Assistive Technology teacher. Extracts from the review can be seen here.

With this brilliant sentiment it’s clear to see why they’ve put together this invaluable calendar and it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to organise a fundraising event or support a charity relating to a specific condition. Their website is here


 A Closer Look at the Calendar

Special Needs Awareness Calendar

The Winter page from the Special Needs Awareness Calendar

Every month of the year has been covered and there are single day events, weeks and event months dedicated to single conditions which may be of interest. For example, April has been dubbed Autism Awareness Month and there are many special events and days organised throughout the month to support and raise awareness about the developmental disability.

There are events focusing on single conditions such as Dyspraxia Awareness Week in September as well as those that are more general including Jeans for Genes day in October and National Allergy Week in April. There are many events throughout the year dedicated to Autism and learning disabilities in particular as these are two areas that Netbuddy focuses on.

This calendar is a fantastic resource for anybody involved with adults or children living with disabilities and can be used effectively as a learning tool or to start conversation.

Download the PDF Calendar here

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