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Sensory Play Tray from Trabasack

Sensory Play Tray from Trabasack

The Sensory Play Tray from Trabasack is an innovative and unique design which is perfect for use with sensory toys, communication aids and other equipment that you may require when working with children with additional needs. The Trabasack Curve Connect is the best sensory play tray on the market and has a range of features to support this claim. Designed by an inventor who is also mum to a child with additional needs, Trabasack has many features to help your child explore and play.

Here are some of the best features of the Trabasack Curve Connect:

Provides a firm and level surface for using in the classroom, with communication aids, switches, accessible gaming and toys.

Extremely lightweight so it can easily be hung from the back of a wheelchair or carried in many different ways (backpack, messenger bag etc).

Universal design which means it can be attached to any therapy chair or wheelchair whilst in use as a tray.

D Rings allow for toys and aids to be attached

Spacious bag compartment which can hold all your sensory aids and toys when not in use

“Sticky” Connect surface designed to attract Velcro hooks so items can be safely attached to the tray surface.

Trabasack is extremely versatile and can be used for all sorts of play, including messy play as its machine washable and accessories such as a protective mat are purchasable. A range of high contrast colour trims are available and you can choose one that suits your child’s personality.

Some great reviews from our customers:

“I love mine I found another use for it my baby has mobility problems and is unable to sit in a high chair so misses out with playing at a table. Well with the Trabasack this problem is solved. I attach it to his baby chair and hey presto he has an immediate table and he is able to sit and play with his toys etc.” Wendy Hirst, Parent

“Chloe finds it easier to join in with activities when we are out and about as she can explore toys etc more easily now we have a tray to put them on. It also makes mealtimes easier.” Debbie, Parent

“I have found the Trabasack really useful when undertaking Assistive Technology assessments for young children. It enables the child to access the equipment from their pushchair or wheelchair rather than having to find alternative seating. The child remains in an appropriate position ie. not having to physically stretch to reach equipment. The Velcro option is great for keeping equipment stable too.” Tracey, Assessor, Ability Net

Image of toddler girl playing with iPad on Trabasack Lap Desk bag

The Trabasack Connect Curve lap desk provides a flat and steady surface for iPad play

These are just a handful of the positive reviews we’ve had and our Trabasack Sensory Play Tray is a product which can really support and help your child in their development.