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Gripping Aids for Children

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids

Helping Children Grip to Play and Learn

We like to highlight products that we find that can help children play and explore new sensations. Active Hands now make smaller gripping gloves that are for children:

There are many children who live with medical conditions which affect their hands and grip. Conditions from Spina Bifida to Cerebral Palsy and Guillain-Barre Syndrome to Muscular Dystrophy can make gripping and holding things difficult but thanks to Active Hands, there is no need for these children to miss out.

Weak hand function or difficulty gripping can make many daily tasks difficult as well as limit access to many games and activities. Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids have been developed to remove these limits and give many children access to games and activities they may previously have struggled with.

What are Active Hands Gripping Aids?

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids in Action

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids in Action

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids are glove-like accessories which can be worn and attached to a range of items, allowing the hands to be held in place and allowing for items to be gripped and held. This could be anything from a drinking cup to the handlebars of an adaptive tricycle.

Active Hands Gripping Aids are designed to last and made from a soft yet durable neoprene webbing material. They can be popped in the wash if kids being kids, they get a little dirty and the mini size gripping aids are designed for children aged up to five. For older children the General Purpose Gripping Aids come in three sizes and the company recommend the smallest size should be perfect for children aged 5-10.

The Mini Aids are available in Blue or Pink to suit the preferences of your child and can be used for a wide range of play activities.

Using Active Hands Gripping Aids

There are many ways that kids can get the most from their Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids and this video shows just how fantastic they can be when using an adaptive bike:

They are also great for enjoying ride-on toys, outdoor activities and for more therapeutic purposes such as physiotherapy and exercise sessions. They can help children who need to exercise to strengthen their muscles grip comfortably as they are working.

The aids hold the hand or hands gently but firmly in gripping stance, making it possible to grip all manner of toys, handles and therapy equipment.

Active Hands Happy Customers

The Active Hands Company has many happy customers, including many parents, children and carers and below is just a closer look at some of the fantastic feedback they’ve had:

“Thank you so much for your help and assistance. This product is a life-saver for my daughter.”

Debbi Moore

“My grandson has a genetic disorder generally referred to as Micro Cephaly with symptoms similar to cerebral palsy.  He cannot speak, sit up, walk or control arms but is such a warm hearted little guy who loves to ride an adaptive bike.  For some reason, his little legs work on the pedals!

When he first started riding the bike, there was no way to control his arms and hands… I came across your website one night after a pretty extensive search.

Well they work as well as I could have hoped. His movement is much more controlled, he is stronger at pedaling (which is great exercise for him).  The teachers in his school, his parents, and of course myself could not be happier.  Thank you!!”

Bob Majkrzak

“I am a big fan of Active Hands and every one of my clients that has grip issues has been shown how effective Active Hands are. They are quite simply the best tetra gloves on the market and I am very happy to recommend active hands to my clients at Prime Physio.  I am a big fan and meet people throughout the country and occasionally in Europe, I always recommend Active Hands. Active Hands can be applied easily and adapted to so many exercises, I think they are a great bit of kit.”

Andy Galbraith

MCSP MLACP, Physiotherapist, Prime Physio Specialist Therapy Centre

Mini Gripping Aids for One Hand or Two

Playing with Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids

Playing with Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids

Active Hands Mini Gripping Aids are sold in single packs but many children use two to ride bikes and trikes and other toys. In some instances only one will be needed but it’s up to the individual parent, carer or therapist to decide which is best for each child.

Active Hands Gripping Aids really can change someone’s life and ensure any physical disabilities are not a barrier to enjoying the same fun, toys and entertainment as other children.


Active Hands products are available through Amazon – click the images below for more info:

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    It appears that your pediatric gripping aids are not in stock on Amazon. I am a customer in the US. What are my other options to purchase?

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